ISO 9001:2000

At Koncord Trans we have implemented a system of quality certificated by international standards ISO 9001:2000. There is a permanent concern both for the highest satisfaction of our customer's needs and for the improvement of our personnel.

Our carefully arranged production space as well as the use of very modern technical equipments make our products concordant with the ISO conditions and also with the regulations.

We are already known for the professional attitude that we have towards the production and we are always available for our customers. We transform our customer's needs into reality.

Our products guarantee a note of prestige for the owners.

The quality, the solutions, the creativity and not at last, the team formed of specialists, are the reasons for us to invite you to approach us with confidence anytime you wish to furnish you home.

Simplicity, naturalness, originality!

Koncord Trans - a certainty for quality and the best choice!